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• JUNE 2014



360 Degrees Longitude: One Family’s Journey Around the World

byJohn Higham

A family. 52 Weeks. 28 Countries. 5 Continent.
A gutsy story of a family of four that takes a year off to travel around the world.



The Creative Habit: Learn It and Use It for Life

by Twyla Tharp

A refreshing glimpse into the creative habits, this book gives a different, easy to follow, inspiring perspective on creativity.
Practical, not just fluff. A pleasure to read and re-read.
Lessons from this book are applicable to anyone – musicians, dancers, artists and entrepreneurs.



• MAY 2014


[ Read it on-line for free ]

book_the moneyless manifiesto by mark boyle

The Moneyless Manifesto 

by Mark Boyle

The Moneyless Man, Mark’s first book, is a personal story of his first year living completely without money. In it he relives the experience, describing why he initially felt compelled to do it; how he practically went about it; the physical, emotional and psychological challenges he faced; the liberation he experienced; how it felt, on a very personal level, to live without money in a world driven by the relentless need to make more of it; and the ways it changed his perspective on the world.

Throughout the journey he offers up lots of tips and advice on how you can simultaneously reduce both your dependency on money and your ecological impact, whilst increasing your sense of connection and identity with the people in your community and the land under your feet.

More about the writer, check out this video: Mark Boyle – TEDx Talks



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