7 Quick Landscape Photography Tips

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After our last Photo Tip post (Getting More Out of Your Travel Photography) we have received some questions that inspired us to start this new Photo Tip post.

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Deep and extensive spaces are hard to reproduce. They can look flat and uninteresting quite easily.
There are many aspects and details to avoid empty landscapes or boring panoramic pictures. The first thing we have to know is ” What do I want to say?, What do I want to express?, is it serenity, vastness, power?; Where the interest lies?, “.
There needs to be a point of interest. This is the most important point to start to improve our Landscape pictures.
So now what?.  After that, we must take control of our camera and deal with aspects such as quality of light, distribution of the elements, the focus, etc.
These 7 Quick Landscape Photography Tips are about this aspects. Let’s start!

1. Create a Balanced Composition -The Key

Right after determinate what elements are important, look at the whole elements in the frame, are you happy with the distribution?. Use the zoom and relocate them if needed by changing four position. Finally, find the angle that you want.
photo tips, travel, photography, landscape, composition, monserrat, barcelona

[ Montserrat, BARCELONA, Spain ]

The Rule of Third is a simple and effective method to keep in mind when we are composting a picture. Read more  about The Rule of  Third here.

2.  Magnify Emotion -By using  Warm Light 

At the beginning of the day or during late afternoons (or Golden Hours), the sunlight comes from a lower angle, that means that there is going to be less contrast, softer shadows and the light will be warmer. This add a enchanting light.
Common mistake – Don’t accidentally photography your shadow!
The key is to arrive well in advance, before the perfect light appears.
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[ CAIRNS, QLD, Australia ]


3. Take the Most of the Sunlight -Boost Colours

Midday sunlight is strong and powerful. First of all, it is better if we adjust the balance and saturation of our camera before starting.
Now we are ready. This is a good time to create scenes with deep shadows and high contrasts
From white clouds against a deep blue sky to pink flowers among the brightest green foreground. Look for colours and rise them!
photo tips, travel, photography, autumn, landscape, colours, taupo, new zealand

[ TAUPO, New Zealand ]


4. Use Powerful Lines -Instead of Strict ones.

Another good idea is to add layers of interest to help the eye to see straight through the scene and make the lecture easier to read.
By emphasizing lines such as board-walks, a range of mountains, trees,  different colours or tones of lights (soft and vivid). This will bring more interest to the landscape, rather than a simple horizon line.
photo tips, travel, photography, landscape, lines, logrono, la rioja, spain

[ LOGRONO, La Rioja, Spain ]


5. Look for Objects and Shapes -Plus give Scale and Context

Place the main interest to a portion of the landscape, look for a detail instead of the vastness of the scene.
By including something in the foreground: houses, gates, a lighthouse, plants, flowers, leaves, trees, rocks, fences, footpaths; or simply by adding people.


6. Adjust Your Camera Settings -Take Control of It

Balance the exposure and adjust differences in the brightness to ensure a good silhouette.
By adjusting the aperture we are able to control the Depth of Field. This is especially needed when we have our main subject very close or far away.
Read more about the Depth of Field here.
photo tips, travel, photography, landscape, argentina, puerto madryn

[ Puerto Madryn, PATAGONIA, Argentina ]

On the other hand, we must control the focal point by adjusting the focus .
photo tips, travel, photography, photography, focal point

[ Malpas, CATALONIA, Spain ]


7. Be Passionate -Create your Own Style

An finally, once we have taken thousands of amazing landscape pictures; well,  now it is time to forget everything in order to experimentthink outside the box, be irrational, break the rules, believe in yourself and develop your own style.
There is no limits at this point… minimize, get a detail as strong focal point instead of the landscape itself -Landscape don’t have to be always spacious.
Isolate components or emphasize a distant but powerful part of the scene. Or just push up the uniformity of an empty scene. Balance out the composition, add emotion.


Think more about giving an “impression“, rather than a literal reproduction.



– A useful trick to compensate the weight of deep shadows is by placing the interest on a detail and set the scene out of focus.
photo tips, travel, photography, landscape, taupo, new zealand

[ TAUPO, New Zealand ]

– Remember to consider the empty spaces as part of the composition too in order to get a balanced (or unbalanced) composition… what parts of your image are heavy, and which ones are light?
– On windy days, increase the shutter speed, otherwise you will record the movement of the camera.
Farming our photography by adding some elements very close gives a stronger sense of deep.
photo tips, travel, photography, kuranda, landscape, object, cairns, panoramic

[ Kuranda, CAIRNS (QLD), Australia ]

Find the best location for your landscape photography by checking a map before.
– It is convenient to check the weather in advance.
SUGGESTED COMPLEMENTS: wide angle lens, tripod, polarizing filters
More Landscape pictures from older posts:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

So now we know that a perfect -awesome scenery is not necessary to get a great landscape photography.  However, Practice and Imagination are our two best tools.


And of course, never forget to HAVE FUN!!!
Thanks for reading.
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Pictures by: Yamila Vallejos and Belu Chi


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