The Sole Sisters Guide to Your First in Japan

A great Guide to Your First in Japan… by ‘While we are in Japan’

Together in Japan

This is a repost of an article that I contributed in We are Sole Sisters, an all-women blog dedicated for travel enthusiasts. 

When we speak of anime, manga, and cherry blossoms we only think of one good place where to find them- Japan! Over the years, this country never failed to awe us with its exquisite and one of a kind beauty and adventure. Just recently, the Japanese government released a new immigration policy which would encourage tourists from its ASEAN neighbors. Although the Philippines was not included in countries which were given “no visa” to enter Japan, multiple tourist visa for three years is not such a bad deal.

Now it’s high time for us Sole Sisters to explore the Land of the Rising Sun! But before you pack your things and head to an accredited travel agency for visa application, here are some simple yet very useful tips…

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