8 Reasons to visit MONTENEGRO

8 Reasons to visit MONTENEGRO… by ‘When Woman Travels’

When Woman Travels...

The next time you wonder where to go on holiday, I encourage you to visit Montenegro. The reasons for my recommendation are as follows:

1. Montenegro is gaining popularity as a preferred destination for Europeans (and not only for them), but the country keeps its authenticity as mass tourism is still under development.

2 . The prices are relatively cheap and much lower than those in Croatia, for example.

3 . People are helpful and pleasant.

4 . Accommodations and food are of acceptable quality.

5 . The nightlife in the major cities is interesting.

6 . Many opportunities for sailing. Great competitor of Croatia in this regard.

7 . Since transport there is a little more difficult because of the natural features of the country, when you get there feels as if you found the pearl of Europe, hidden in a shell . J

8 . Last but most…

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