How to Take Photos from an Airplane.

Sometimes planes and airports can be quite boring…

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A couple of lenses that you can change quickly are the best kit for your flight.
[ MILANO, Italy ]

Here some tips to practice aerial photography and get a nice shot from every trip. It will make your flight shorter and more pleasant.


1. Try to get a window seat in the front part of the plane to avoid the wings.

2. Consider the direction of the flight and the time of sunrise and sunset.

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Before sunrise and after sunset, the light changes quickly and every photo will be different.
[ BARCELONA, Spain ]

3. Use focal lengths from 24mm to 200mm.

4. Don’t use any filters.

5. Don’t let the lens touch the plane window.

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Immediately after take-off or before landing, the plane will go through the clouds and the landscape will get closer, changing what you get in the photos.
[ BRISBANE, Australia ]

6. Use a high ISO and fast shutter speeds.

7. Make sure to bump contrast saturation when editing.

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Avoid filters and use lens hood instead to prevent flares from lights inside the aircraft.
[ MENORCA, Balearic Islands, Spain ]

8. Don’t forget the clouds, auroras, glory and other atmospheric phenomena.

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Sitting in a plane can be a nice opportunity to take different images.
[ HONG KONG, China ]

9. Take advantage of the best opportunities.

10. Have fun!

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Pictures by BeluChi.

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Happy travels!



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