The Prices of Things

THAILAND… The price of things, by ‘A Journey of Many Thousand Miles’

A Journey of Many Thousand Miles

We thought Thailand was cheap, but while some of the things/services are cheap compared to the U.S., there are others that are just as expensive, or even more expensive! Here are some examples collected so far based on the prices we’ve paid (or looked at). Note that all prices include a 7% VAT; and for restaurants, all prices include also a 7-10% service charge in addition to the VAT.

  • Airport pickup (about 45-60 minutes ride): ฿800-฿1,000 ($26-$33)
  • Body massage: ฿500-฿900 ($16-$20)
  • Cleaning/ironing: ฿100/hr ($3.33/hr)
  • Private tennis lessons: ฿500-฿1,200/hr ($16-$40/hr)
  • Sandwich (in a restaurant): ฿120-฿180 ($4-$6)
  • Pad Thai (in a restaurant): ฿50-฿100 ($1.67-$3.33)
  • Grilled chicken breast (in a restaurant): ฿350 ($11.67)
  • Gasoline (petrol): ฿39-฿48/liter ($4.92-$6.06/gallon)
  • Sunscreen spray (U.S. brand): ฿690 (can’t remember the volume, but the price is almost 3X the U.S. price)
  • Car rental (one month, compact, including unlimited mileage & auto insurance): ฿16,050 ($535)
  • Car (the cheapest Honda Brio we’ve looked at that includes A/C, automatic, and airbags): ฿508,000…

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2 thoughts on “The Prices of Things

  1. Great post, but you need to keep in mind that prices vary depending on your lifestyle and location. These prices are only relevant if you’re expecting to maintain a western lifestyle in a touristy area.

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