AUSTRALIA… Land and World Heritages.

Is Australia the smallest continent or the biggest island on Earth?… Is it the oldest place in the world?. Indeed it is, you can stroll over rocks that were formed 4 billion years ago. 

Australia, World Heritages, Oceania, ancient world

Australia… Land and World Heritages

6000 million years ago, South America, Africa, Antarctica, Australasia and the Indian subcontinent, were hooked together.
Being in the middle of this enormous land imply that the Australian continent has been almost free of volcanic and other cataclysmic upheavals

Landmass 1100 million year ago

Landmass 1100 million year ago

Consequently, Australia is the flattest and dryness of the continents -Australia has an average height of only 200 mts., and while 40% of its landmass lies in the tropics, almost 70% is arid. 

Landmass around 500 million year ago

Landmass around 500 million year ago

Australia didn’t separate from the Asian landmass until ‘modern’ times -it means around 50 million years ago.

Its isolation in the remote southern ocean meant that Oceania, aside from Antarctica, was the last continent to be succumb to human occupancyAborigines arrived about 40000 years ago.

AUSTRALIA... Land and World Heritages.


UNESCO World Heritage sites - Click for full size

UNESCO World Heritage sites – Click for full size

In 1974, Australia became one of the first signatories to UNESCO World Heritage convention. Australia list consist of:

§  the Great Barrier Reef (QLD) [ REF 01 ]

§  Kakadu National Park (NT) [ REF 02 ]

§  the Willandra Lakes Region (NSW) [ REF 03 ]

§  the Tasmanian Wilderness (TAS) [ REF 04 ]

§  Lord Howe Island Group (NSW) [ REF 05 ]

§  the Australian East Coast Temperate and the Sub-tropical Rainforest Parks (QLD) [ REF 06 ]

§  Uluru National Park (NT) [ REF 07 ]

§  Wet Tropics of Queensland (QLD) [ REF 08 ]

§  Shark Bay (WA) [ REF 09 ] and

§  Fraser Island (QLD) [ REF 10 ].

Great Barrier Reef - Cairns, Queensland

Great Barrier Reef – Cairns, Queensland


And finally, some simple National Park rules to protect both, you and nature: 

– Guard against fire. Only light fires in fireplaces provided and make sure there is not a fire ban.

– When bushwalking, tell someone where you are going and take food, water and warm/waterproof clothing.

– Do not disturb or collect flowers, plants, animals, rocks or shells.

– Do not feed wildlife neither due to it could upsets their natural balance and lead to disease and death.

– Do not touch Aboriginal items. They may have sacred, ceremonial, mythological and historical significance to Aboriginal people.

– Use toilet facilities -not the bush!.

– Take all your rubbish and litter home. Leaving rubbish in a bin can encourage animals to rely on human food.

– Before swimming check the signs, depth, and be careful around the edge of the water.

 AUSTRALIA... Land and World Heritages.


For more information about National Parks, wildlife, sanctuaries and nature reserves click here: National Parks Australia WEB 

SourcesUNESCOAustralian GovernmentNational Geographic 

Pictures by: BeluChi


Enjoy Australia!

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