London Day Out… BATH

London Day Out!… BATH by ‘Convergent Journey’

convergent journey

Spring is in the air! On a blissfully sunny day, I went to Bath with F and S, who are visiting from New York. F’s friend Y was kind enough to drive us all the way there even though she’d already been twice, and she also took us on a few detours to see Windsor Castle and the White Horse.


Windsor Castle: The Queen was in! We only paused to see Windsor Castle from outside while Y grabbed breakfast. Especially with the stern statue of Queen Victoria presiding over the castle entrance, the area seemed very austere, though I’m sure inside it would be lavish and charming. Life-size mannequin soldiers stand guard at the McDonald’s across the street, but I didn’t see any real ones in Windsor.

The Hackpen White Horsewas a little underwhelming; I thought the real horses grazing on a nearby hillside (white ones, no less!)…

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