Get APPy!!… SunSmart free app for careful travellers in Australia

Australia has the highest skin cancer rates in the world, so SunSmart app from the Cancer Council Victoria (Australia) educates people about when they need to be protected.

SYDNEY (Hyde Park), Australia

SYDNEY (Hyde Park), NSW, Australia

You can find out when you need protection and use the sunscreen calculator to see how much sunscreen you need to use for your body size.

“Most people put on less than half the amount of sunscreen that is recommended on the bottle, which means they usually get less than half the protection stated on the product label”, says Cancer Council SunSmart Manager Jen Makin.

The app has a reminder alert that you can set to remind you to re-apply sunscreen every two hours, just in case you are a little bit forgetfull :)

There is also a Vitamin D exposure tracker that determines whether you’ve met the recommended sun exposure for Vitamin D, taking into account your skin type and location.

Here a video:


So… there are not excuses to enjoy Australia!!! :)


PALM COVE, Queensland, Australia

PALM COVE, Queensland, Australia


Pictures by: BeluChi


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